In secluded thought you are standing

on a bridge wearing faded jeans.

A jacket of hunter green hangs loosely over

a sweat shirt that reads “Universität Ludwig”.

A paper bag is in your hand and

your eyes are glazed over,

going to or coming from a trip.

You don’t bother with  explanations.

Your memory stacks in layers like bone and skin.

Words drip like raindrops between

our open mouth kisses.

I keep the memories, nothing is left behind,

they stream through my mind

dripping from my eyes.



21 thoughts on “Karlsbad

    1. Thank you Michelle, let me know if you have trouble reaching my new link. I have been told some are still being lead back to the closed blog. Have a great evening lovely lady! ❤


  1. The imagery in this is beautiful, Holly, and very vivid. I think some memories are like that – every detail is recalled. The details of his clothing – and even the paper bag in his hand – as well as the open-mouthed kisses captivate the reader. Just lovely .

    Liked by 1 person

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