Remember the

summer we were

obsessed with


Anything familiar,

like the sound of

far off thunder

close enough to subdue

the mad-paced hours.

Something  inciting,

like the  strike of


the odor of combustion

ready to ignite.

Everything electric

that made us come alive.

Our hearts caught between

whale song and sigh,

spontaneous thunder

with intermittent quiet,

sporadic as a summer storm.



Summer with Burroughs


Leonid Afremov  “Rains Rustle”





107 thoughts on “Summer with Burroughs

          1. I still find Summer With Burroughs at Braveandrecklessblog. I do appreciate that so very much! ❤


          1. Thank you! I’ll look for that. I think the info. was in that link I sent you so I should be able to figure it out… It doesn’t take away any of my current blog? Just downloads it somewhere else?

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  1. Oh Holly! I looked for your blog yesterday and it said it was deleted. I was sad 😦 So today I saw this site and was like wow,,,, she’s still here! Yay!! I’m very happy to still be able to read your work. Your new poem is lovely ♥

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  2. Beautifully descriptive, Holly. From comments above I understand you deleted your blog! I can only say that I hope it was intentional and you didn’t delete it accidentally. I’m glad you’re still here!

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    1. Hi Millie, I was forced to delete my blog because some stalking bastard hacked. Into the administrative area and breached my media and left messages that only and obsessed sociopath would leave. I downloaded all my content but you can’t replace over 3000 followers and 120,000 hits and three years of work. Please make sure your blog is secure and log out when you are not in there. Thank you for finding me Millie!

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      1. Oh Hollie, I’m so sorry that happened to you. There are some despicable people around. Thank goodness you could download your content but I know what you’re saying about all your followers. You worked so hard to get that many. I’ll definitely re-follow – and thanks for the tip about logging out of my blog when it’s not in use.

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        1. Thank you Millie. I never expected or even knew something like that could happen. I’m so glad we have reconnected. 🙂


          1. I’ve just looked again at your new blog and can’t see a ‘follow’ sign. When you have a moment could you let me know how to re-follow? Also, the only link to your blog that worked for me was clicking on your gravatar image. Sending lots of hugs. ❤

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          2. Thank you! It seems there may be a kink in the link…oy vey 😕


          3. Millie, all the way down at the bottom is a “follow” to click. The gravatar will take you to Hpuse of Heart where you can click and go to The site automatically. That is a safety measure you might consider too. Most blogs can’t reach me h
            Just by clicking on my icon in there likes or comments where I have signed on. So sorry for the inconvenience. This thd e is not as Sple as my last one :


  3. Hey! Your back! I was wondering what happen to you. You disappeared from my blogs I follow.

    Anyways, I followed you back.

    Love this poem…it does pay a tribute to the late William Burroughs…I love the word choices you use and it is beautifully well written. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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  4. Ahh, You strike again in the sweet spot of summer thunder storms! Yum! Something about a thunderstorm that is just awesome, wistful and enchanting! Loved the lines:
    spontaneous thunder
    with intermittent quiet,
    sporadic as a summer storm.
    Sort of romantic about holding Your beloved and watching the storm??
    Loved the art on this piece – such a great eye!!
    Thanks for hanging in there for all of us who Love YOU!!!

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  5. “In recent years, some mainstream news sources, including the MiamiHerald and the San Antonio News-Express, have stopped using the term while others, like the Associated Press and The New York Times, have refused to drop the term.”LOL. So you Daily idiots think you’re better than the Associated Press and the LIBERAL New York Times? Stupid narcissists, all of you on the Senior Editorial Board.


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  7. KK, really great post. As always, you succeed to really give a straight and precise view of all those things we photographers deal with every day…For me, the really important thing is the fact that as you mention, the system becomes a close one of constant feedback and tuning…A creative loop indeed! Cheers!


  8. I recall reading about this sometime last year or so. It tickled both my Inner Science Fiction and Inner Military Geeks. The article read pointed out that a ship carrying this gun could shell Paris from the English Channel. With Chirac still in power then, the prospect was quite tempting.


  9. I wondered recently if fair trade prices were causing issues because I read that prices were very high and that they were exceeding fair trade minimums. My grasp is nowhere near strong enough to be sure, but it sounded as if there was a possibility that fair trade locked in prices were hurting the farmers…but somehow I doubt that is correct.


  10. I still think it looks awesome and I’m totally impressed that you can bake anything and parent at the same time. I used to kick my kid out of the kitchen. (Now I try to get her to help – but in her world that means scrape the excess batter out of the bottom of the bowl and complain about how long it takes for things to be assembled / bake / cool.)


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