I think of haiku as evocative snapshots constructed of words: the flash photography of literature, transcendent images, meditations.  I have received a copy of  “Haiku Poems”,  the work of AshiAkira.  Most of us know him as  a master of haiku poetry. This  work of art is among the most beautiful I have read.  So lovely, I believe it would receive a well deserved nod of admiration from the the renown Basho, haiku poet of the Edo period in Japan, were he fortunate to be around to enjoy it.   Thank you so much Ashi,  your  book will remain  one of  the  most treasured among my books of poetry.


IMG_2910 (2)


In Haiku Poems, author AshiAkira shares a collection of nearly five hundred haiku poems written in English retaining  the beauty of the original Japanese form.  As a poet and admirer of the art of haiku, I highly recommend adding this gem of poetry to your collection.

Find this  beautiful book here:



31 thoughts on “AshiAkira

  1. Who could present and review such a book better than you, Holly! It sounds like a treasure of wisdom wrapped in words which make the message flow unhindered inside the reader. I will check out the link asap! I like haikus because they are short but profound. Thank you for sharing. 💖

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    1. Thank you so much Erika. I think of all poetic forms haiku is the the most elegant and exotic. This book is an ambrosia embedded in courtyards and hillsides of Japan. I feel so fortunate to add it to my library of poetry. ❤

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      1. I took a look at Amazon. And I can imagine very well what an energy it must radiate. I keep it in mind. It is just a shame that the shipping costs are more than the book price itself. But I hope that changes… it is on my list 😊


  2. When I read your comment about the scent of the earth and also the brook spilling upon the ancient rocks , I think you have the ressorurces to compose haikus, Holly .
    Love ❤


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