She  hesitates to call  herself

human these days.

That  stone bruise of loss,

the lingering sting of reality

filleted by the bludgeon

of love and hate

not the same way or on the

same day.

Inconsistency is the surest way

to weaken the bark

wrench the roots

slowly wither beneath the boot

of accusations  and the

never-ending needs of ego.





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74 thoughts on “it wasn’t meant to be that way

  1. Howdy Holly!!
    I found out about your hacking from Georgiann’s blog, Rethinking life.
    Yuck! Anyway, am I still following you from your old blog, or do I need to re-follow?
    If I need to re-follow, where is the button?

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      1. Got it! No inconvenience. I just haven’t seen this before. WP keeps changing it up with their themes.
        I just changed mine, because my old one was retired. C’est la vie!

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        1. I will be reposting a lot of my older poetry as well as new. Some of these poems (such as this one) were written during a very intense time in my life and are the equivalent if a journal. Thanks so much Meg.

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          1. Sorry You have to repost “alot”? Not all? I sure wish there was something that could be done to recover Your data! I just love Your way with words! Ha! “Intense Time”? Very PC, I just called them “The Dark Days” for my intense time! Can only be hopeful and glad that this isn’t true now? It isn’t??

            Your words are so strong and forceful! I will always want You on my team! LOL! Loved the line – the lingering sting of reality. That sure strikes a chord with me! Very moving! Glad to see you building back!

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  2. Nice work Holly – you’ve painted quite a visual here. I didn’t know you were hacked (I’m sadly behind in my blogging dealing with family matters), hope you have resolved the issue. Did someone take your poems and writings?

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    1. I hope you are well Mary. I had previously downloaded the contents of my blog. Apparently someone was able to enter the administrative area including the media portion of the blog forcing me to delete it. I have secured this blog as well as I can. I hope everyone will, including signing out when one is not using their blog. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. 🙂

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  3. Wow I love the feeling in this piece. I also love your dropped caps on the layout! So wonderful.
    I wanted to share something about gone girl. My daughter started a blog only to write about healing she calls it The Gone Girl 007 Isn’t that so wonderful! I love your subtitle! It’s perfect! I loved seeing that here! Those two words say so much I feel. ❤

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  4. Holly, I adore this line, “inconsistency is the surest way to weaken the bark.” People need to count on others, so when they are inconsistent, the tree is weaker. A certain President has no convictions, so he is all over the place. The world is a less safe place and less harmonious place, as a result,


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    1. Oh, indeed you are right Keith. We need consistency and a sense of responsibility from our president…He seems unable to behave in a civil manner. This morning I watched as he gruffly shoved the PM of Montenegro out of his way so he could make it to the forefront where he feels he belongs. The PM was gracious enough to say it was just an incident, nothing to be concerned with. Mr. Trump could take a lesson. I hope we will consistently pursue his Russian involvement and that of his family circle if one exists, we need to know…soon.


        1. He has set the bar Keith…anything goes. His own campaign manager man handled a peaceful protestor at one of his “gatherings” if you recall. The GOP is standing behind this nut case.


      1. I just visited your link an unfollowed so that I can follow again. In my mind that should have worked. However, when I click on ‘follow’ it won’t let me. It’s probably me being a hopeless idiot! I’ll try again.

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          1. Fingers crossed…as Agatha may have said, the proof will be in the pudding! I’ll ask George to keep me posted when you post. That gives me a fail safe…providing he remembers. He should do, he’s a good lad.

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      2. It looks like I’m following now. With luck all should be well! Hopefully. If it all goes pear shaped and you see me not ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ please feel free to let me know and I will attempt to remedy.

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