Night birds   sing   Clair de lune

from  a slender branch where the solemn moon

casts shy beams unsure if it should seek her out.

It’s light plays hide and seek in the crowns of  trees

skipping from leaves to grassy weeds where

wildflowers close their porticoes to hummingbirds

dipping in and out then flitting off into the night.

A  spectator view of  collapsing clouds darken

to deeper shades of sighs and an old black dog

on silent paws lies down beside her.



45 thoughts on “Clair de lune…or Black Dog

  1. Hi I like your new look. My days have been very full, which have kept me from checking on my regular blog friends. Please keep up your good work.


  2. Thank You Holly! This is such a well woven wonder of words!!! And blended with Claire de lune as I write this?? Oh, You are such a romantic. I had fun rereading this a few times to the music. The visual with the music and Your words??? Whew! The only thing that could have made it better would have been to hear You recite it so we could close our eyes and listen to the subdued music in the background and Your voice giving life to Your words? Audio embed??? Please?? Ha! Think about it?? Belissimo, Holly! Simply Belissimo!

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      1. Would love to – What and where is it?? Don’t know what Maxima is?? I’m thinking about having a friend with a broadcaster voice do a couple of mine and see about doing an embed. I will let You know if and when I get it done. I will take notes so I can pass it on to You and others!!!
        Happy Day!!

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          1. Ok, You got me – hook, line and sinker!!! Loved Your voice! Wonderful! Whoever mixed the music should be taken out behind the barn!!! Way over powered You in too, too, many places! So now You have inspired more questions? So, why aren’t You doing Your poems on this site? And what else have You recited for Maxima that I can listen to in hopes that You aren’t overpowered?? I LOVED THIS!!! So Cool. I’m going to get a patriotic piece I wrote recorded for 4th of July. Will take great notes in step by step fashion so it is easy to follow so we can both put audio embeds in our work – fun project???

            You know that You have now ruined me for reading Your poems without having You recite them!! You have created the “Chocolate dilemma” (and you could substitute something else here if you like?) for me! Have You heard about that? If You’ve never had it, You never miss it, but once You’ve had it – You Miss It!!! That’s how it’s going to be reading Your poems instead of listening to You reciting them. You have now turned up the heat on me learning how to embed audio so I can pass it along to You so You can solve my Chocolate issue! LOL!


  3. Your site shows that I’m following but I don’t see Your posts coming through??? There isn’t a Follow via email button? I think that works better. I had this problem with Tanya Cliff’s site too. Used the follow by email.

    Hope You are taking the weekend for some fun!!!!

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      1. Yes, I saw that and that is the WP follow button that doesn’t seem to be sending me Your posts. Normally there is a WP follow button but also an additional “Follow via Email” button. The email button was the one I wasn’t seeing. Thought I might have more luck getting Your posts via email! Thanks for getting back to me!!

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  4. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Please welcome my Friend, Holly of Please enjoy her lovely and delicate piece Claire de lune …or Black Dog! Scroll down and click on the music link before reading. It makes the piece even more wonderful!

    Holly recently had her old blog hacked and lost all of her data on followers, comments, well, everything but her content. If You have previously been a follower please visit her site and click Follow again or if you like what you see on Your first visit you can follow too. Please give Holly your support and kind thoughts. Just remember – “There but for the Grace of God, go I”!!

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      1. So Happy to do it! Anything for You!!! I owe you – don’t You remember? Ha! I don’t even want to think of the mental anguish and grief. I will do what I can. You can count on me! A gem? Ha, costume jewelry maybe. But You are more than kind to say so, as You always are!

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