Leaning into dreams,

 free falling adventure,

anarchistic hummingbirds

we hover in mid-air.

Tiny ballerinas too

light to bear our shadow

vibrate the air with the

laughter of children.

Like raining down clouds 

I open up my heart to the

sweet intoxication of

the promises of spring.






art: Dawn Chorus by Bellavista


32 thoughts on “Singing to Birds

  1. Oh, what a wonderful and light feeling you spread here. I am reading it while finally finding the time to work with my laptop on the patio again on a wonderful (actually) summer evening! All the birds seem to be out and giving a concert right now! Thank you for this inspiration, Holly 💖

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          1. My, thank you, Holly! Believe me, I feel the same. I would love to have more time for blogging as I used to have when I started. But thank God, we all understand. Feel strongly hugged, my dear friend 💖

            Liked by 1 person

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