I am  a river

entering  another river

plunging naked into the

depths of your mind.

Erotic  dreams emerge

from the dark waters of sleep.

Perhaps you are not a river

but a flowing dimension of my desire.

Let me wrap  you in  wings of angels

bind you in   garlands of longing,

etch my name in to your bones.

My ears shall be  your confessional,

my body your comforter

and there is no sin grave enough.

41 thoughts on “the dark waters of sleep

  1. Very nice imagery. It immediately took me to a space that doesn’t exist but in the mind, or rather it took me to the only space that exists.

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    1. Hello R. I recently changed URL’s and without a refollow I would not appear in your reader or mail. I am so sorry for the inconvenience but happy to be connected once more, have a lovely day!


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