As far as the eye can see,

dotted with cracked teeth that jut through the verdure

adorning the slopes that vanish over the horizon,

twigs caught in the twine of wrought iron arms

rustle in the forlorn zephyr trapping leaves on bronze plate

that designate where valor lies.

Worn flags, stiff with age, quiver in the breeze like

the hearts of caged doves.

Red poppies in the common droop,

overcome by the scent of copper that fills the air over fields

 of treasure that flourish forever,   far as the eye and beyond.



paradox art


25 thoughts on “Arlington

  1. Bonsoir ou bonjour HEART

    Tiens je pense à toi

    Aux gentils messages que tu m’apportes sur mon blog

    C’est comme un rayon de soleil

    Ceux-ci me mettent du bleu au cœur et celui-ci resplendit de joie

    Quel bonheur que tu me donnes

    Que de joie j’éprouve

    Je tiens à te remercier

    Belle journée ou belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard

    Un Peu De Tendresse

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  2. Poppies are symbols of remembrance. It seems that poppies tended to blossom among the battle fields during the First World War, as so that´s the origin. Isn´t it beautiful?…
    Your poem is moving, with great metaphors invooking nature and life, in contrast to the darkness and destructive forces of war. Beautiful tribute dear Holly… Sending much love! 😀

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    1. There have many documentaries this weekend (being Memorial Day in the US) of the various wars going back to the civil war but especially concentrating on WWll and VN. War is horrific. It is easy to sit in Ivory towers and declare war and send young men and women to these nightmares, these soldiers are to be honored for their sacrifices in defending freedom. It seems we don’t learn from the past but can only hope that we will learn to love our neighbors and stop the onslaught of greed and quest for power. Thank you for your lovely comment dear Aquileana. Sending love and hugs and wishes for a beautiful day.

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  3. A beautiful and moving poem, Holly. The imagery is lovely, the red poppies in particular perfect for your Memorial Day weekend. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about war to Aquileana, and as the words of the song goes, ‘When will we ever learn?’

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