Dear friends, I am being tossed about by Askimet the spam blocker.  Please check your spam for my comments and  fish me out.  WordPress…grrrr.    😕


83 thoughts on “Spam

  1. Dear Holly,
    please follow the link from Akismet or/and search for the key word “Spam”. Then write the following message: „All of my comments are being marked as spam“. Then click on the option: „I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake “. Then fill out the form below and finally submit. It is not a WordPress error. Wait a couple of days and then it should be okay.
    All the best

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      1. You´re welcome, Holly. I don´t know the real reasons why Akismet put you on the Spam-List. there can be a lot of reasons…But only Akismet can help and fish you out from their list. Follow the link. It will take only a couple of minutes.
        Wishing you a great evening.

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  2. I found out that I was not receiving your posts because I was no longer following you. That would not be one of my actions to take.

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    1. Thank you for rescuing me…It seems Askimet is having a problem…I have been overwhelmed with spam , some slipping into the inbox and I see some spam on other blogs that has gotten through as comments…I messaged them AGAIN. I’m sure it will be rectified soon. 🙂


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