She stands erect

layered in silky leaves

drooping beneath  globules

of viscous dew.

For the love of light

she spreads  her fragile  petals

to the broad faced sun and

sinks her sinewy roots into

the sweet damp earth.

Her hours are filled with

honey bees and the soft

blue of heaven.

At dusk she combs the air

with sweetness retreating

from the night  into

pearly pools of the moon.


Maxwell rose

Maxwell Gardens Rose


91 thoughts on “about a rose

  1. I’m bored, and I need a woman orbiter for my website, someone to track me and follow me adoringly. Check out my website and apply for the position. I had to eject another girl before you (“the darkest fairytale”). But maybe we’ll be good together, Deep Eyes.

    — Sorcerygod


  2. Young Zoolon just told me I’ve missed a whole bundle of your posts. I am following, but my reader doesn’t pick up on that fact! It is thus I’ve now activated your ’email’ to let me know when you next post…plainly his idea, not mine as I didn’t know about ’email’ buttons! Fingers crossed it sorts the problem out.

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    1. It seems we are having the same problem…I’m not getting your post in my notifications and I generally just cruise on over to your blog (but first I have to find a comment from you to lead me there cause you don’t have your blog address on your gavatar 🙂 I think it’s a conspiracy Mike.

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  3. You have captured perfectly the World of the Rose with your lovely words Holly.. May she bloom and flower long .. And bring your senses the perfect harmony through her fragrant petals..
    Love and Blessings Holly and have a Peaceful weekend.. 💐😍💗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Holly, So wonderful so see You on my blog! A joyous sight indeed. You really created such a lovely journey through the “Day in the life of a rose”. Your words and imagery always touch me. No exception here. Excellent! A very delightful trip!!!


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