There is a bird whose wings

are the colors of rainbows.

When he grieves his song

is the sigh of sea spray.

His laughter is an aurora

of opulent verses that dripped

on my tongue drizzle like

honey into my veins.

We wade wide   rivers of light

and when he is thirsty he sips

dew from my feathers that are

dripping with his colors.

When adventure calls to us

we lift our wings and fly away.


73 thoughts on “Sandpiper

      1. You’re welcome! I’m starting a new blog under this name and ditching the old one. Putting a bit of distance between personal and writing life.

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          1. Interesting. It says I am following you already, yet when I try to unfollow, intent on following once more immediately after the unfollow, it won’t let me unfollow. This is definitely one for Zoolon to work out. I shall report back in due course.

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  1. I’ll have to have another look at what a sandpiper looks like. I’ve never really noticed its colours before and your beautifully descriptive poem brings fabulous colours to mind: the colours of rainbows. Lovely, Holly.

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  2. Bonjour ou mon bonsoir mon amie HEART

    Je ne suis pas présent tous les jours

    Mais notre amitié est comme une fleur ou

    comme une orchidée ou celle-ci fleurit parfois

    Dans des endroits insoupçonnés

    Cette fleur il faut savoir la cultiver et en prendre soin

    Avec tendresse et patience

    Je te souhaite une belle journée ou soirée bisous

    de même pour tous les tiens

    Bernard bisous

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