Across a velvet backdrop stars hang like crystal
softly glowing candles that wax and wane with
the out breath of  sighs.
Dislodged,  they plummet over mountains
vanish behind the  horizon or plunge into the sea.
I am like the tide,  hostage to the moon,
tumbling ashore or as  still as tide pools
until the heat of night inflames my primal heart
come out –  ignite
  be the fire.



art by Ivan Slavinsky


47 thoughts on “Primitive

      1. I always knew that the problem with the emails was down to me. My son is bewildered as to exactly what I’ve set up wrong, yet promises to start from scratch if needs be. Sorry about all this, Yours, An Old Fool.


          1. He can play around with it all that is necessary while I’m away drinking much coffee, red wine and eating smelly cheeses outside of cafes, whilst watching the pretty ladies walk by. I shall return more relaxed than before.

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