I  can hear a thousand heartbeats

if the crickets are quiet.

They have hearts too, every living thing,

quivering like a leaf in a storm

blood whooshing through vessels

that run behind the breast bone

beats tripping over beats to that

rushing river  that pulses inside.

I lost myself in the river, 

Waiting to be found is the

hardest part.




37 thoughts on “The River

  1. Beautiful words, Holly, edged with such sadness. Unfortunately I couldn’t play the Billy Joel video. Apparently it isn’t allowed in the UK due to copyright issues. So I watched another one of the same song on YouTube. 🙂 Lovely, and it complements your poem so well.

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  2. This is all about connections, Holly. We all share so much in common, blood, cells, feelings and reactions. . . Nature unites us with salves of forgiveness, renewing and trying to “heal the Earth.”

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  3. Bonjour ou Bonsoir HEART

    La plus belle des choses que tu possèdes

    Sait ce nouveau jour

    Alors sois heureux ou heureuse

    Aujourd’hui il est à toi

    Décide toi même de ce que tu veux faire

    Travail ou loisir

    Ce jour vis le , emplie le , chante lui ton bonheur

    Dis à ce jour que tu l’aimes et profite d’être là Pour Ce Jour

    Gros bisous Bernard

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