Summer scatters her shades

in daring colors of red and green

asymmetrical patterns splayed

over fledgling birds taking wing

above silent fields and the late blooms

of lilac and  deep  blush of peony

still clinging  to a bowing trellis.

A flicker of  burnished copper feathers

dripping with the weight of dew

flit above sighing wheat fields bending

a breath of life  before  summer flew

her  stalks shrouded in  crusty leaves

tender stems beaten to the soil

in need of assurance,  a promise of rebirth.


Wild #Flowers <3 via | Hippies Hope Shop


kabegami art


36 thoughts on “in need of advent

  1. Holly, I read the line “in need of reassurance” and noticed the picture of the woman below who seems to be looking at the flowers for reassurance. The combination of your words and picture made me invent stories for why she left the house to stare off for comfort from the flora. Keith

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    1. Thank you Sue. It’s such a beautiful time of year. We have had a lot of rain, the days are passing so quickly soon it will be fall. We entered hurricane season on June 1st and already there have been to tropical storms, one in the Carribean and another not far in the Atlantic but not heading our way. Hoping we will have a mild storm season. Enjoy your lovely garden sweet lady. ❤

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      1. Thank you Holly and hope your storm season blows only light winds in your direction.. Yes June is almost gone.. The year has flown… And yes working upon an update to my Garden blog xxx 🙂 Love back dear Holly xx

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