You are my obsession,

undulating waves of fixation

that can not be restrained.

What I know of you

I have learned through osmosis,

the taste of ozone I  crave

like breathing air.

It is always raining here.

I am nothing more than precipitation

slipping down the surface of

your skin.


56 thoughts on “What I’ve Become

  1. Okay, what’s that about? I demand to know why you’re getting all hot and sensual on us! Is it the weather, or do you got someone with you there!
    Sorry – totally kidding! That was delicious! 🙂

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  2. A sexy poem. You touch upon obsession in the beginning, and it flows powerfully through the rest of the lines.


  3. Wonderful Holly and I learnt a new word today too “osmosis” which is now fixed in my internal dictionary 🙂 Long may you keep exploring and retaining the knowledge to keep nourishing your soul 🙂 Loved the video too Holly 🙂 xx


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