Filled with self doubt

in a brow beaten world

flee disapproval

escape to your shell

it is comfortable there

Close your mind and mouth

seal your buffeted eyes

bow to the pressure

accept without question

swallow the anger

suck it deep down

lest you come alive

force hard decisions

raging at the system

You are tired

you want to rest

you want to play it safe.




Play it Safe

art by Janette Tomanek

34 thoughts on “play it safe

  1. Whoa! One after the other I’ve been reading words that “could” apply to my life. The last line for me would be “HAVE to play it safe”. Life is complicated … and then some!!! Powerful write, Holly! ๐Ÿ’ž

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  2. Many of us are being forced Fed recently.. but I feel many now, while mouths still remain closed.. Are opening their hearts.. Let us hope, Beautiful poem.. with deep meaning. โค


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