Today I held a whippoorwill in my hand. On the wing, attracted by the sun’s rays  he flew into my window pane.  I don’t know how to save a dying bird.  I soothed his sticky feathers as  his glazed eyes fixed on a  different galaxy,  held him in my palm  until his breast bone ceased to rise and fall. I buried him in the settled shade of an ancient Ash felled by winter’s gusts.  Above his resting place the sky was as soft as my words.  Now I put it into the world as though it is my responsibility for every living creature is significant and as beautiful as the shimmering rain from a golden cloud.



41 thoughts on “every living thing

  1. Watching a living creature die at close quarters is distressing and at the same time you feel so helpless, I understand how you felt because last autumn a large adult toad from my garden took its last breath at my feet……. yes an insignificant creature but witnessing a death is deeply shocking…….I placed it in a bucket then buried it by the river.

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  2. I think many of us dear Holly can sympathise with you, as we may have had a similar experience of birds flying into our windows.. So sad that this little one did not make it.. Your words empathises your sorrow.. Your artwork is a beautiful composition.. Loved both my dear friend xxx ❤


  3. Such a sad story, Holly, and beautifully told. Unfortunately, the poor little whippoorwill isn’t the first and won’t be the last bird to make this mistake with windows. My husband always jokingly says we ought to leave our conservatory windows streaked with dirt to stop birds from flying into them. We don’t have whippoorwills here in the UK and they look lovely little things. The artwork is a delight.


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