Happy Canada Day to my neighbors to the North


Banff National park






white water





I’ll return next winter




a family of groundhogs live here


two at the falls 2




a well camouflaged deer


am123 (2)
at the falls

76 thoughts on “What she saw in Canada…

  1. Now this is really unique, but what you should do is get a can (7UP, Coke, Pepsi) and take a picture of it… in Canada! I bet that’s not happened before!

    Seriously, though, I’ve always hada soft spot for Canada, even though I’ve never been. It just looks cool.

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  2. Beautiful! I’ve not been to Banff, but I’ve been to central Canada for fishing/camping trips. It’s amazing, and the natural settings of rivers, mountains, and crystal clear lakes is visually stunning. Seeing that whitewater makes me want to load up my boat and hit a river! πŸ™‚

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  3. Alberta is one of the MOST beautiful provinces in Canada as your incredible photo can prove.
    Spent 12 years in Quebec but did not have an opportunity to travel west to see these beautiful mountains.
    Thanks for this wonderful share Holly

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  4. You are an amazing photographer, Holly! I was blown away by several of the Canadian falls and scenes you displayed.
    On a side note, I really like your hair length and color. You are quite lovely, my friend. Take care! xo

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