She is merchandise,  sweet drama so easily snared.   Someday she will leave him and the stark motel room with the rusty sink.


Parked by the jetties

waves licked the sea wall

where they drank tequila

straight from the bottle.

She  likes the sear and

the feeling of sinking

into the laid back hum

of a car’s radio.

As he slept

she emptied his pockets,

vanished like vapor

into Boulevard Blue.


Image result for art by Mark Spain


art by Mark Spain




41 thoughts on “Blvd Blue

      1. Ah yes, well you would say that! 😉

        Yeah, I guess Rotter is like rotten, I don’t hear it used much lately tho! Growing up reading comic books, about schoolboys and pranksters might say “oh you rotter!” Ours is a weird society tho, I down think I ever heard anyone say it in real life, the guys who wrote the comics created their own language – most likely they experienced those phrases in the boarding schools they attended, then these mags were read by the rest of us! They’d say “what a jolly jape!” And we’d have to figure out what they meant!!! 😀

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