It was my birthday. She did not come to the table. I brought cake to her on a paper plate.  Accustomed to the dark, heavy  tapestry hung at her window.   I didn’t sit with her anymore,  her suffering frightened me. Today I wore a new dress, I adored it’s lacy bodice and satin sash. He had picked it out himself.  Later my grown up eyes dissolved in the pain on his etched face. A photo with an empty space dying in a dark room

That woman who spit me red faced into the world,   fed and failed me, flung me from the hem of her skirt into the fractured world stares back at me from my mirror.    I wear her hands like gloves and honor the rolling river where her ashes sunk among the gravel,  worship the giant boulders that harbor her.

I am a lone chrysalis twisting in the wind, fluid bones press hard against its fragile casing.  Swollen wings beat at the tight space that holds me.  I am searching for a  moral. These unheralded breasts,  they defeat  and yet complete me too.  I know I am meant to struggle.  I can’t see or hear nor would I heed signs of warning, a pubescent  butterfly, excessively sanguine or melancholy  I flit from flower to flower,  oblivious to life’s repressive hand hovering above me.



il mondo de franco


81 thoughts on “about a girl

  1. Beautifully written, and I read it twice. This was amazing and filled with different emotions! The wording and the words you used made this piece so strong that you had to gasp when reading it. Great job! 🌹

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  2. It starts with a birthday girl, I picture her dress and face.
    Then, the mirror brings a different age, someone who see their mother in themselves.
    I felt the chrysalis, it’s she’ll hold us back until ready, then being released. . . Lovely, Holly!


  3. I wasn’t sure how this left me feeling until I read the first comment. Yes, both sweet and sad. “Her suffering frightened me” was a powerful line for me. I think I understand that.


  4. Oh my gods, Heart. This is absolutely stunning. I’ve read it a couple of times and I can see the images so clearly. It gives me chills…I don’t know what else to say. It’s magnificent. ❤


  5. I know I have embraced your heart through your words many times, and yet this has made my face blossom in a greater abundance of smiles. You are a gifted writer my sister, and one far better than I! Love you and what you share always!

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  6. Holly, I love the self-reflection in the painfully true words “I know I am meant to struggle.” Too many do not have it easy, so they must feel they are always running uphill. Nicely done, Keith

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  7. This one pulls at my heart, Holly. I worry about children who have to grow up too quickly.
    That being said, your excellent writing takes me to the Depression era and the hardscrabble life some have to live in foreign countries to just get by. . . Fly, butterfly, fly! 🕊️🦋

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