I could convince you

that the world is

ambrosia for deities

dropped on our tongues

in syrupy slices while

we linger immortal

in Aristophanes’ veil

of illusion.

My lips are the arc of

a butterfly dripping thick

and golden adventures into your

weightless body.

As light as feathered birds

we resist the pull of gravity,

succumb to ruby filaments

where the only peril is a

paradise that may consume us.



Butterfly goddess by Arkel666

arkell 166


55 thoughts on “ambrosia for deities

  1. Like the Greek Gods who consume Ambrosia, the Hindu Gods consume Amrut a wine like which makes them immortal.
    There is a distillery called Amrut Distilleries here in India, 😂.
    In three sentences you have taken to a new World of activity. 👌

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