In such a hot and humid  night I wonder if I am coherent.  Alone  in this bed  at two in the morning has teeth and when you leave I feel a visceral loneliness that I am certain is internal.  It is always April  here.  I ramble about sunny meadows, the way the wheat smells  of  lavender, tell you again of the  painting that I am working on for you and how it takes so long to dry. I am acutely aware of the  momentum of  our words and the tender touch of your hand between my thighs.   My hands  are worn raw  in search of common ground but I haven’t the words to not betray myself.  You have gifted me  your  history.   The man in Berlin, that year in Turkey.   I am frightened by implicit trust,  how can you have such faith in me? Still I consume all that you  give  as though each confidence is not an infringement.  When I  look  into your impossibly blue eyes all I really want is to  get drunk,  draw maps  upon your belly.




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74 thoughts on “all I really want

  1. Why would you have an electric etching machine in the bedroom? Surely you know it’s against the law to operate one of those while drunk, it messes up your signature.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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          1. I’m glad you did. I just wanted to put a smile with all my friends. I was feeling really depressed and reading all the comments and replying which I will do now…it gives me a distraction from my depression.

            Thank you Holly…you bring a smile to me as well. I’ll be replying back now okay. 🙂

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          2. I’ll share this with you. It’s been hard for me lately. The loss of my mother in law and grandpa. My girlfriend has been deeply depress about her mother and I, with my grandpa. It’s really painful and hard to try and still strong and positive but it ain’t easy as people make it out to be.

            That is why I posted that poem…to read people’s reaction to humor and laughter. I thought I can bring a smile to distract me from what I am feeling inside.

            I hope your feeling better. You can always talk to me if you’re ever feeling down. I’m here to listen and try and help you and make you smile. 🙂

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          3. Hi Charlie, I hope you are feeling good today. I always enjoy your posts and find they are a uplifting! Nothing works as well as a good laugh. Thank you for bearing with me, I am etremely grateful for your kind words. ❤

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  2. Holly, nicely done. I love how you define the empty feeling when your partner leaves in et middle of the night. By the way, I love the picture you selected. It proves to me yet again, that the more sensuous pictures need not be unclothed bodies. It plays nicely off your words. Keith

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