Empire State Building




38 thoughts on “What she saw in NY City

  1. Y’know I went to New York several times on work trips and really didn’t care for it too much. But, we then went back on a holiday trip and LOVED it. Such a great city and so much to see. For me, it was like walking into a huge film (movie!) set. I had seen New York on so many films and tv programmes and just walking around the streets of New York was an almost surreal experience. I especially liked Greenwich Village.

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      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ yes I hear its park is huge.. London too has many parks and I was amazed to hear the other day on a programme on TV that the percentage of green land in London is 47% which includes parks, private gardens and nature reserves.. That amazed me…

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        1. That’s wonderful Sue. We are developing our grasslands and have invaded the Everglades yet we complain about the wildlife that we share space with now. It’s not surprising to find Snakes, Aligators, etc in our yard. Unfortunately Trump and the GOP have little if any regard for the environment.

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