When I rub against you

you stroke my ears and tail.

If I stretch and softly purr

you run your fingers through my fur.

Your touch is warm like freshly dried

socks that I toss and chase.

Without my claws I am helpless

but when I am threatened you

always rescue me.

There’s so much I want to tell you

but not a word comes from my throat.






Photo by Heart


74 thoughts on “Anais

          1. Like ESP? Nice to be on the same wave length isn’t it? My wife is that with me. I’m driving down the road and thinking of something and she will break into telling me exactly what I was thinking. Really weird. Might just be a female to male thing? LOL! I can’t do that with her. Do you guys have a “block toggle” to keep us from doing that? Ha!

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          1. xx…I am pretty sure these will be my last pets. It is hard to leave them and I have been traveling a lot. They (Tide) is so attached he grieves when I am away and refuses to eat. They are so human like.

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          2. Yes one of the reasons we did not have more.. as we set about travelling more.. It was fine when my children still lived at home in their 20’s etc and one till his 30’s even lol.. but they have long flown the nest and we can just pick up and go away for a weekend no worries..

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          3. I leave mine with good friends or my son if he is available (still very involved with his education) I worry for Tide when I am away. A ten year old Boston Terrier, adorable. I like to travel and won’t have more pets until I am done with that.

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  1. Holly I love your poem Anais, I’m awestruck whilst reading poetesses like yourself, the way you weave descriptive words into a dream like story humbles me a little ……………..and thank you 🙂

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  2. So lovely and touching. I can feel the fur and sweetness. I went from having a lot of beings living with me to just Emmie, outside. I can’t have my heart broken anymore. I just cant. There comes a time when you have no choice but to say, “Enough.”

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    1. These will be my last pets I think. I love them so much. Tide is an indoor dog and has traveled with me to many places but when he can’t go he grieves and a lot of times I won’t go off and leave him. He is ten now…love him to pieces…Anais too.


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