On sleepless nights

I stroll the left bank in black sequined heels

Eye lids heavy with smoky glitter.

Among the art I have found you
your essence travels through

my veins to settle in the pool of my heart.

 soft lights flicker their last warning in our dark cafe where

like willows we sway to long forgotten love songs

then you are gone a Modigliani reclining never hearing

Je t’aime, the only French I know.


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80 thoughts on “she doesn’t speak french

  1. Holly, nicely done. Reminds me of “Midnight in Paris,” with Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard. He fantasized and went to her era and she fantasized about an even earlier one. Keith

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  2. Very cool, madam. Are you published at all?

    I know a bit of French, luckily. I got a C at GCSE level in 2001. I were dead chuffed, me. This is Northern English vernacular, by the way. A poem in that… wouldn’t be overly attractive. “Y’reet, me old mucker?” etc.

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      1. Whilst I’m offended by your ignorance (harumphhh!!!), I’m willing to provide lessons. Here are a few key Manchester terms:

        O’reet: Hello
        Ey up?: Wassup?
        Shurrup!: Please be quiet, I beg of you
        Eh?: I beg pardon?
        Wherrayya?: Where are you?

        These will help you enormously should any Mancs stumble across America.

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  3. I wonder why it is dear Holly that the French always sound so much more sexy than our own Translation.. :-D..
    A beautiful poem.. You had me swaying along with the imaginary music to that Song far away.. ❤ 🙂

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  4. ‘Candles flicker their last warning in a
    dark cafe where we sway like
    winged  willows to a song far away’
    Holly I see them both so clearly 🙂

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  5. Thank you for liking my ‘locomotive and attractive girl’ tale Holly, silly nonsense I know but what fun to write, meant a lot to me that you liked ❤

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  6. A love who cannot express itself . Lovely poem, Holly . i wonder why this is located in a French town , probably Paris . This could be in Germany, in Netherland, in Argentina or in Russia or India ?
    You got interesting comments.
    Love ❤

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