29 thoughts on “See Line woman

    1. Thank you Cake. I was not very gracious nor eloquent in my response, a gut reaction. An argument is sound only if it is valid, and its premise is factual, otherwise it is unsound. I enjoyed your masterful rebuttal. I enjoyed the debate. I adore Nina!

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      1. Thank you, your response was spot on. I hope it didn’t seem like I was being over pedantic, but words should have meaning. I also hate false equivalences and what aboutism, not to mention the pseudo-intellectual apology for white supremacy and Neo-Nazism. Nina is really a class lady, talented, intelligent and strong. And what a voice.

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        1. Not at all. I thought your response was excellent . Confronted with the facts her house of cards began to crumble. I found it shocking that so many people I found there have decried the very premise her rant was based on. If one digs a hole for bigots they will come. Bravo to you for speaking out loud and clear. And perfectly.

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          1. Thank you Heart , sorry for the delay in replying, the matter didn’t rest there, though not on my doing, I was keeping stum, but I got tagged teamed. Thank you for your support, you have a good ❤️.

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          2. Unbelievable. I have to tell you that there was such a vicious attack on a fellow blogger there a few weeks ago (actually referring to him by name) that he deleted his blog that very day. I had not been back since till yesterday. I think any reasonable person understood your point. but obviously we were outnumbered. You certainly have my support ❤

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          3. I had to run back and read the comments added since yesterday. Fine job Cake, you are wonderful at expressing your ideas concisely and logically. We really needed that here, hats off you to you! I feel nauseated by the skewing of information to fit a theory that I won’t go back there. Life is too short. Have a beautiful evening and don’t even think about deleting Cakeordeath. Have a lovely evening my friend.

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          4. Thank you Miss Heart, I did my
            best to keep a cool head. Sometimes there are shades of grey, but other times you just need to make your position clear. I will certainly do my utmost to keep the site up and running.

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