I  bend and stoop extending outward

reaching upward in search of space

but I am root-bound and so soft inside.

I need  someone to guide me.

A wild bird whose granite feathers span a pagan forest.

Take me with you above the soaring  sea hawk,

across the murmuring waves, your wings full of wind,

take me over and far beyond the lofty clouds.


Sheila Brown art “bird over the sea”

68 thoughts on “take me with you

  1. “Together we’re individual pieces, but when we’re together, we really are a force and not just any force. The strongest one.”


  2. Wow Holly your poetry took me way up high my friend.. And was perfectly matched with that excellent painting..This painting is most beautiful by Sheila .. And while I have got out my knitting needles again, even though I have just finished my cardigan.. The knitting bug has bitten, and another project is already started this morning..
    But this has inspired me again as these cooler days of Autumn creep in, to sort out some blank canvas’s again and get out my paints.. 🙂
    Sending LOVE and Hugs for a beautiful weekend Holly.. ❤


    1. I hope you are having a beautiful Saturday Sue, by all means get out the canvas and paints. I really feel I should do the same before my paints dry in the tubes. Much love to you ❤


  3. Beautiful poem very romantic . This makes me think of the first of the French romantic writers ; Chateaubriand .
    In one of this books titled “René ” he wrote :
    “.Levez-vous vite,
    orages désirés
    qui devez emporter René
    dans les espaces d’une autre vie!”
    Love ❤


  4. Whoa, again your words touch deeply, Holly. Your talent with words and how you give the reader exquisite pictures just blows me away. Here again with your words my Soul longs for what you write. Beautifully penned!! 🕊

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  5. I love the line “A wild bird whose granite feathers span a pagan forest.”
    The idea of granite of a colour is always obvious, but when I read this I thought ‘powerful’ and ‘heavy’ and ‘strong’ as though the bird has enormous power and strength. Its ability to lift you up above a ‘soaring sea hawk’ conjured up even stronger images of power, that it should be able to fly so high.
    Fantastic imagery.


  6. Please pardon me, Wonderful Heart!! ❤ I do not know how I missed this. Brava!! Of course I’d take you with me anywhere! 😄


  7. “A wild bird whose granite feathers span a pagan forest” seems to be the perfect guide. Ascension and redemption guaranteed. Such a beautiful, “ethereal” poem, dear Holly!!!! ❤ Love & best wishes to you, my friend! 🙂


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