An I Q test could answer the question as to whether he is a moron says our Prez… he already has.

In Saner Thought

“He is a f*cking moron!”

It has been reported that Tillerson has made that comment about Trump……and oh boy the news sites explode…..and wham!  We gonna have a Press  conference.

Well while the country waited for this “presser” we got to hear all about the ways that Tillerson is not as good fit in DC…..time was filled  while we waited.

Then about 1100hrs Eastern time Tillerson bounced out and told his side of the story.

The “presser” was the same as all …..he is a cheerleader of Trump and he is there to stay

The US Secretary of State reaffirmed his commitment to his role on Wednesday, denying that he would step down from his role.

Rex Tillerson called media reports that he had considered resigning “erroneous”, but stopped short of denying reports he had insulted President Donald Trump.

“I reaffirm my commitment to this role and I want to…

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14 thoughts on “If They Only Had A Brain

    1. I believe there is a thin line between genius and insanity. In this case there is a lack of knowledge, of wanting to learn, of just being a rogue jackass…Yesterday Trump said he spoke to the president of The Virgin Islands…he is the president of the Virgin Islands, that’s just an example of a man totally unqualified to be president. Perhaps he has a mental illness.

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  1. Wrote another…in conciliatory effort…Am calling it “OPPOSITES—LOVE!” Hope you don’t mind…? Every once in a while I foolishly butt in, in the middle of a conversation not fully knowing things…You are much kinder that some people are! 🙂 My apologies!


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