Cover the sky with your hands.
The summit of your palm is the moon.
Your fingers are feathered rays of sun
glinting off the apex of ancient hills
through golden branches of  forked trees.
Glide  them across my landscape,
over valleys,  hills, softness and sediment.
I am every woman that you have loved,
your dynamic wings beat in my voice.
Recall  my eyes as history,
you have lived here a thousand years.



75 thoughts on “a thousand years

  1. 1,000 years in itself is evocative enough – what were folks doing at this point exactly 1,000 years ago? Drinking tea? Marauding? Gazing at sunsets? Taking Selfies? The works, I bet, madam.

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  2. Your words echo perfectly, across time..
    And that is one amazing video.. Sting.. now an all time favourite .. 🙂 and so enjoyed this song teamed with the video.. 🙂 Wishing you a perfect weekend Holly xx ❤


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