I’m alone and afraid,  my car abandoned along a deserted highway.  I’ve been walking for a while and my feet are raw ,  I am carrying my shoes in my hand.

When he stops and motions  I hurry to his  door.

Searching his face he seems harmless.     Holding out my cell phone I lie.  ” I will be happy to give you lift,  you  need just get inside”.  When I decline he speeds away.

Browsing the news over morning tea my heart pounds and it is hard to breathe. Her  body was found beneath some trees her shoes clutched in her hand

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          1. I saw him play an acoustic set in Madison, several years ago. He had a rich speaking voice! It was a great show! Yes! He did an acoustic version of Werewolves of London!


  1. Brrr…. very scary story! Awooooo Warren … Awoooo Zevon.
    May he RIP, and he wants you to know that e has the original shoes. The one’s in her hands were knock-offs. AWOOOO!

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        1. It’s me, ahoooo. I was in charge of treating the trickers. I wore my Bee glasses ! Some lady chased my little bird away from my porch eave. I was unhappy about that. I hope the little bird returns.


          1. Consider that MOST of the time, she was alone in the house—and until the age of 10 she had another horror waiting outside for her after dark–her half brother abused her, to or from the outdoor plumbing. So I can grant her some slack!

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