Once a kingdom for roaches, we’ve cleaned this small  apartment, sprayed  citrus , lit candles,  smelling of sandalwood it is  unrecognizable from its original state.  The bed  is  centered, tossed with Egyptian linens and brocade throw pillows, our only possessions.    Your whiskey glass is always half empty,  the color of your eyes when you are aroused. You sip it slowly at the edge of the bed.  Facing  away   I shut my eyes and concentrate on the whir of the overhead fan. When you reach for me  I shrug you  off.  I’ve been practicing the art of out of body  and from above I look down on  us until my eyes close  in sleep.  When I wake you offer me drags from your hand rolled  cigarette,  we lie silently  watching  the curl of our smoke rise and rip apart in the fan blades.    You want to talk,  to tell me this is  not enough,  your pleading eyes attack me at my most vulnerable.   It is so easy to distract you,  I pull the sheets away and we make love,  whisper profanities to each other,  laugh like children and pull away.   Your eyes  sparkle like stardust,   a boy at the top of a Ferris wheel.    I promise myself to never meet again  but my heart is a red sports car racing along the razor edge of a cliff.

art by Fabian Perez


49 thoughts on “Out of Body

  1. That is just so beautiful… Heart touching…. 👌❤
    Please read my book “COMPLICATED US”. It is now available on Amazon.


    1. Thank you. Right now I have three books I am trying to car h up
      On from fellow bloggers. The latest is SK Nichols’ Journey for Danned Lovers”. I will definitely ck yours out and order it as soon as I can.

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      1. I think I’ve just this minute cured it. I unfollowed up from a search to all of you posts rather than your website then refollowed. That it accepted the unfollow and the refollow affords some hope. I’ll have Lord G mail me when you next post, if I haven’t spotted the post then it’s back to square one, but if I have then problem sorted!

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