On  special occasions  I like to sit at the children’s table. No one cares if I play with my food, push it about my plate, deliberately let the peas slide over the edge.   The big table is  life, the grown-ups too  loud,  consuming  too much, exchanging secrets they regret having shared.  Rough hands grab a breast or thigh,   wine slipping down their chin, whores for the most delectable meat.   When they are full it is time for  grown up talk,  educated conversation,  try to keep it clean, it’s too humiliating to be asked to leave.   They are fine if I sit at the small table,  there are too many things that I remind them of.





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  1. With just me and the hubby, everyday it’s the children table….with the pups by our side waiting for said peas to drop to the floor. More fun and peaceful, laughter is heard and embraced 🙂

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  2. Okay, I like sitting at the kid’s table, but my gown causes it to tip over. Yet, if I sit at the adult table, my gown causes it to tip over. I don’t know? Maybe I’ll just eat, standing in the middle, or possibly with the pets. Is there a swinging couch on the porch?

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          1. I suppose one could chuck it (the gown) in a large post with water, bring to a boil, simmer for 1 hour, and strain out the gown.
            In a cup mix flour and cold water w/ a bit of pepper, and add to pot. Bring to boil. Turn off heat. VOILA …. Cream of Yesterday Dinner Gown Soup.

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  3. Holly, your table is apt to be the fun table because of your sitting at it. This year we mixed it up with multi-generation tables – we had three with nineteen eaters. Lots of laughter was heard. Keith

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    1. Keith, my response was tongue in cheek and meant in jest. I don’t need a lecture on what is appropriate for me. If you have no sense of humor further interaction could likely result in further misunderstanding.


  4. Nice thought to go back to the children’s table – at least from time to time … 😉 It’s causing a warm feeling just remembering some light-hearted, carefree moments and whispering with friends …
    I enjoyed your writing, Holly. It was an automatic leading me back to such a pleasant table …

    Have a nice week!

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