Most of us have experienced it.

Unrelenting obsession that defies reason.

Denying its existence we shut down

its pathway, deprive it of oxygen,

shiver in the dark only to discover

it thrives on the night beneath

translucent veils that ignite

and inflame the  fire of desire.




55 thoughts on “Animal

  1. Powerful writing… Maybe we all have an animal within us… I´d say that probably our basic instincts and unconciousness forces might get alligned here, as well… Great writing, as always, dear Holly… Happy weekend!!! . Hugs xx 🙂


  2. it’s pathway, deprive it of oxygen. Okay I took the line in response to your comment. Call it deconstruction, but it makes sense now. So, tell me with a poetic technique. I’ll be taking a break soon.

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    1. Apparently my prior comment was unclear. I apologize for that. It wasn’t personal but related to our prior comment relating to individuals who stalk with the intent to hurt a fellow blogger. I reiterate, it was not directed at you other than as discussion.

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      1. Okay since you’ve mentioned that. I should continue this discussion. There is a male blogger doing the same with a group of both men and women. And there is a she who stalks broken people. I mean really hurt women. And she doesn’t know that life. And she drifts between idealism and terrifying posts. And then there is something else. It might be worse than spam. I trust you, Holly, but WP now seems dangerous. I hope you get what I’m saying.

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