I walk beside you on snow swept sidewalks shivering from too much life.  Your fingers wrap around mine as my hand clings to your shoulder shielding me from the chaos of rushing traffic.  Snuggled against you I am captivated by your impossibly sexy voice discussing note worthy events that fill your day.   Surreptitiously my mind slips away to desirous play where you sip honey from my swollen lips releasing urgent butterflies from my rib cage. At our favorite café you order tea,  for me,  hot cocoa brimming with frothy cream that  your eager lips flick from mine.  In this realm all cares  cease to exist past  the prism of our window where  in the soft glow  snow flakes dissolve into a light drizzle and we softly fade into  a parallel world of lovers.





56 thoughts on “in my favorite dream

  1. Holly this is wonderful! A romantic daydream! ❤️ Sorry I’ve been absent – apparently WP has unfollowed me from a number of blogs. I’m getting reconnected to everyone I missed!

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          1. Yeah, once in a while I think that might be one of those commercial sites, hoping to get your attention so you visit. But I do think WP disconnects us too!

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  2. Wow, amazing how you conveyed the atmosphere when the world around starts fading and only those two people are in the center of their world… that parallel world. Fantastic, Holly!!

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