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My Sword and Shield....

She was a shieldmaiden
and nothing spread such a bright smile
across my bloodstained cheeks
so quickly
than the sight of her
riding into my camp

Thunder-hoofed retinue
banners caught in the winds of victory
fire and ash flying
among her braided tresses

In the twilight hours
when the battle long-fought
was fresh upon our lips
as we sat illuminated in the
glow of the council fire

We laughed at the shadows
cast by our responsibilities
mocked how they failed ever-so-menacingly
to frighten our souls

Two warriors
safe within the company of our combined fortitude
mending our armor

Vulnerable and soft
easy prey to naked blades
within arms reach

Speaking of scars
and shattered shields

Defeat was always a winged specter
at these communions
but never able to breach
the circle of light
between our shared pain

But this day she comes alone

no dust cloud raised
above the tents…

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