There is a sweet river  that is life.

I submerge in it’s  effervescence

and  like a thousand tributaries  it

reaches out  bold as ancient pyramids.

My  hands course through weeds of silver,

like your hair they catch the light,

reflections of the sky and more.

When I wake you are  beside me,

the  life force of the river touches me,

touches you.











47 thoughts on “life force

  1. I submerge in your effervescence. It’s called poetry… perhaps I should claim that it’s holletry, but mostly I see your passionate soul, and unique creativity.

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  2. Your words are drenched in beauty.

    I would like to gate crash this poem by also commenting on “poetry & tea roses” since it wouldn’t allow me to, what I said was, “this is picturesque, a poem that acts as a poster child for all poets” it will stay with me for a long time. ❤


  3. Beautiful Holly Billy Joel a favourite too 🙂 I have missed your wonderful words. and thought it time to catch up today..

    I have sort of been busy with other things since Christmas, and not doing my usual visiting.. And reading words like this are just balm for the soul

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      1. 🙂 I will confess, I have been out of sorts recently, and not up to my usual positive self.
        The Life Force of the world I take to heart at times.
        Today I had my treatment of Acupuncture, So hoping that kicks in soon and I return back with a bounce. 🙂
        Love and Mega Hugs dear Holly.. xx Much Love right back

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