A hummingbird is  etched
at the nape of my neck
 below a storm of hair
between  a shiver of shoulders.
She hovers like a tiny moon
sipping cruets of  honeysuckle.
My thoughts are  a cutlass of emotion,
a chisel of shame or the begging
tongue of a starving feral.
Outside pink berries perch on pale slopes
inside  a  harvest of  Robin’s eggs,
cached safe from the graze of sharp
teeth slicing through a sky blue dress.
My apple heart  harbors  man
whose anger is a ligature winding.
Its beat is  the warm river of release
or a bleed across across a torn canvas



shoulder tattoo






57 thoughts on “apple woman

  1. You paint a very pretty picture, Holly!
    The cheeky side of me thought, aha, she got a new tattoo! Then I saw the tattoo. This means you might have a tattoo or not have a tattoo. I could be over thinking the whole thing.
    A Frank Angle had a writing challenge. IF -I wrote a poem out of Song Titles with IF in them. Not as beautiful as this piece of prose you’ve penned, but hey! 😀

    I hab a code from -20C and wind, bud hobefully I will recubber, soon!

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  2. Bonjour ou Bonsoir JOLIE FILLE

    De te connaître c’est le bonheur
    C’est ce qu’il y a de meilleur
    T’offrir se partage cela viens du cœur
    De t’avoir parmi mes amis c’est de l’or
    C’est plus qu’un trésor
    Je me sens plus fort
    Chacun de tes passages est réconfort
    Alors à toi je dis merci
    Grâce à toi je souris
    Car tout ce que j’avais envie,

    C’était de te dire merci, merci d’être mon Ami

    Bonne journée ou soirée

    Gros bisous


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