I’ve unfolded us like origami,

exposed shadowed corners of secrets,

forced them into the light to mourn

like sacred bones of birds.

I have Conquered both hemispheres,

cast chaos out to sea.

Rearranged us where every memory

is not an ache beneath my ribs.

Let me hold you just once more,

IF it don’t work out

*then you can tell me goodbye.


*Then you can tell me Goodbye”  by the Casinos





78 thoughts on “”IF”… A challenge from A frank Angle

  1. Wow … your captured me from the beginning. Loved the way you kept the IF theme until the end … and to flow it into a song … absolutely brilliant! 😀

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  3. I saw Franks Challenge, and this was beautifully done Holly.. Long may you cast chaos into the sea my friend and you unfold the corners of your paper origami. And may you always find and hold love to ease the ache ..

    An excellent poem Holly..
    Love and Blessings dear friend.. Enjoy your Monday.. ❤

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