The waves are salty sea lions

and the sky is a shadow of gulls.

The summer sun spills down

my throat and there is little

need for words.

The  sky is  jacaranda and

the shore is willing to bear

the imprint of my bare feet,

slippery and wet.

The pearls  I have gathered

I’ve scattered like the past,

cling to  untied lifelines

something for my hands.



Steve Hanks Art







128 thoughts on “pearls of summer

          1. Thank you for noticing 🙂 I have been busy creating havoc and generally running amok all week end but now it’s back to the ” real ” world.
            Have a great day rishhu, I hope you will continue to notice me.

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          2. Ah! I see. Monday’s coming anyways. Lol! Welcome, Holly. I’ve been unfollowing a lot of blogs bit by bit (from 500+) – and ort of streamling things a bit- and, hence, will notice you more often, I guess! Lol!

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          3. Ahaan! Well, let’s certainly hope you keep scribbling as often as you do now! Cutting you is something I can’t afford, quite a many times I get mesmerised with your words. Have been learning from you even since I floowed your blog. 😊☺️

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    1. Thank you so much, yesterday one of your comments disappeared when I opened it, I ckd spam to see if it went there but no. A mystery, it was lovely too! 🙂 Glad to hear from you again. 🌹🌹

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          1. I’ll certainly have time to write. The Beast from The East and his lover, Storm Emma all the way from Portugal (of all places) are due to linger for a few more days yet.


  1. Such a pretty verse it reminded me of how I hold on to things and maybe I hold on to them because I’ve held them for so long I can’t imagine being without them

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  2. You do such excellent work casting your pearls amongst your adoring fans along the sands of time and space! ❤ You are the most gracious—with the possible exception of robin at witlessdatingafterfifty, of any blog host I've ever been aware of. You are the pearl we seek! and have found blessing though via your keyboard–of which we are never bored–least-ways I am not! Hip Hooray…For Holly Rene!—from a Jonathan Everett Caswell

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    1. That’s just so sweet…who is this Robin woman more gracious than I ….kidding! I know Robin, she’s a sweetheart and adorable. May you never be bored here Jonathan, lest you run off to Robin’s House.

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      1. Well–THERE IS another blogger whose pictures I HAVE collected over the years…that in a post recently implied it was time I cleaned out my files 😦 Not robin! another redhead, of all people…but don’t worry—-if I have any choice in the matter. 🙂

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          1. It’s not really directed in my direction—but ATOMIC REDHEAD spent all of her latest post describing the actual process of she and her husband’s work in producing their posts. Specifically–hoe one commercial company delibrately–and sloppily– took her identifying markings off two shots she had done and used these two shots for their own benefit.

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  3. Mesmerizing poetic imaginary as always my friend… We hold on to the past as if it was a gem, a bunch of perfect white pearls… I guess we ove forward at time sbecause of the way we tend to idealize our memories. (Maybe it also depends on our memories, of course: but I think that remembering the good stuff entails a resilient attitude… positive too … Thanks for your great writing, dear Holly. Hugs & love across the miles ❤ 🙂

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  4. Hi Holly I’ve been reading your recent poetry, you are still as breath taking as ever. You may remember me, its Andrew from Oxford well I just wanted to say hi again, a long upsetting story why I had to delete so quickly and lol I’m not sure if I’ll be on WP much but for old times sake I just wanted to say hi. You were always so supportive of my silly tales etc and I’ve never forgotten that, I truly haven’t and you know me I’m ALWAYS honest 🙂

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