On a thorny stalk

wrapped in veiny leaves

heavy with the burden

of viscous dew

for the  love of light her

corolla lifts upright

a broad faced still life

anchored to the earth

she tracks the sun across

an unpredictable sky.

At dusk she combs the air

with  sweetness

retreating  at twilight into

pearly pools of the moon.




Photograph by Heart

112 thoughts on “the life cycle of a rose

  1. At dusk she combs the air with sweetness retreating at twilight into pearly pools of the moon.
    These lines were very beautiful! 😊

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  2. A beautiful description from someone as lovely if not lovelier than than a rose from the deepest garden. Your vivid wording from the petals to the stem, from nature’s dew had me smelling the flowers lovely. Like I said, your words brings images to life. This was beautiful just like you. Take this, 🌹🌹, you deserve it!!❤️❤️

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  3. You have such an amazing way with words…I feel a little breathless after reading this. I think there are a lot of sensual words flowing through this that put me in a dreamy, sensual space. 🌌✨

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  4. I should have a rose Art Gown one day! It would be wet with luscious scented dew and all you have spoken of with your garden full of prose. You are a rose, my dear!

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    1. Roses are my favorite flowers, so beautifully scented and in every shade now adays, Pink is still my favorite color. They are beyond beautiful. Thank you for the sweet words Michelle. ❤


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