I wait  expectantly for your

your thoughts  to wing theiir  of adventure

to the flicker of my heart.

My own  disassembles like  folds of

Silken threads webbed in purple indigo.  where  our names are webbed


Our words are rare as rice paper origami  of rice paper

Sewn with slivers of  sun drenched feathers that echo

Out to sea and back in again until the end for we are  more than an

epoch of bones but the setting of a summer sunset

in your colors.

My blood is this crimson rushing through your  veins when we make love

As though we are the only lovers the breathing air  where we make love

as though we are the only lovers,

as gentle or fierce as the press of your

thighs on mine.







37 thoughts on “the breathing air

  1. This the air that brings love all around to each of us
    like this afternoon I felt something in the air attracting me to the garden,looking at the earth and to the buds of the fruits trees .
    Love ❤

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    1. That sound like a beautiful afternoon Michel. It’s lovely to see the shoots sprouting up and the trees filling in again Thank you for the lovely comment . Love ❤️


      1. Aww, you’re welcome sweet Holly. ❤
        SO, I'm learning to paint white on white. Who ever thought black and white, that is in color and not in b&w, could be so challenging? Luv it! Whatever time it takes, I will figure it!!!


  2. So romantic “your blood pulses through my veins” that is equivalent to two lovers saying you are the color of my blood. What a true bond between two souls, two hearts that beat as one. This was beautiful, as beautiful as you my dear.🌹. You say some of the most hypnotic phrases that leaves one spell bounded.❤️

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