I steer my boat of memories
upstream beneath the lacy moss of
cedar trees where a  nightingale drapes
his songs like a spray of flowers over
whispered water.
Beyond the shallows stands a wooden bridge
where we cast our secrets to the lazy river.
Each goldenrod  that lines the banks bear witness
to  the  summer kiss and  breathless bodies
swept away on a  crumple of faded   serape.
How sweet were those days,  so blue were your eyes,
how deep is the longing for those star strung nights?



Image result for painting of row boat under cedars in a small lake




63 thoughts on “swept away

  1. this is simply amazing, which reminds me of Sway with me – Like a flower bending in the breeze
    Bend with me, sway with ease. When we dance you have a way with me. Stay with me, sway with me

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  2. Yes, memories are a whispered water.
    Yes, I long to meet the goldenrod that can attest to our blue eyed kiss.
    Yet, I am merely a spray of reflections over & under a wooden bridge.
    — I so adore your poetry, Holly!

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  3. Your poetry keeps getting better, Holly, if that is even possible. Your words touch me in such a deep place within me, bringing my breath to a hush and my Heart remembering Her own memories. Your descriptives are bejeweled treasures. I’m just taken so away …… 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  4. You are a romance at heart lovely, your words have a way of boring an image in the mind that leads to placid thoughts at times. Like I said, hypnotic you are, you sweep your readers away…at least you do me.❤️🌹.😊. Lovely words and serine artwork.

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  5. Holly, your poetry has me swept away 💞 I love the visuals you painted with your words and how the river, like time, keeps passing and carrying along our memories with it. I often find myself in this river and longing for those star-strung nights.

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