As the fog of dream falls

I feel you.

The touch of your skin

calls to the savage in me,

ignites a raging flame.

Here we are still lovers

where I devour you

with the weak bites  of

a starving animal,

never completely consuming



image from Art Express…Steve Hanks Art.


71 thoughts on “like an animal

  1. Heart….I read it, I felt it, I knew it. You captured it, and that last line….left me with that feeling of long ago. I’ve rewritten this comment three times. I can’t manage to put words together that says how wonderful I think this is.

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      1. Sorry I am late catching up with your work again. It irks me that half a dozen of my favourite poets don’t reach me via the wretched Reader. I think WP presumes I have a memory…I think I lost it along the way!

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          1. Don’t mention mail from WP. That’s even worse. My incoming mail from them is truly random. I just don’t know what I going to get, if anything at all…not unlike Trump’s Tweets!

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