He doesn’t know why she hurts,  what she is thinking,  he is not adept at examining   those fine points best left in the pit of her belly.   Her  thoughts are dangerous bells,  once rung they can’t be silenced. For him the final line is the closing, for her it is profound sadness.


 The heart can fall like a suicide

spiral down like the shade of

midnight deserts

  cold as petals on an icy lake

a flowing grave of dreams

an echo chamber of pain

Let my tongue flirt like

a butterfly among


rather than polish my scars

debride my wounds.





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          1. Figurative, Goddess, heaven sent, imaginative, juniper, kindhearted, lovely, magical, nice, one of a kind, perfect, Queenlike, ravishing, smart, talented, unique, verse, wonderful, xcellent, youthful and zestful. Careful, you already hypnotize me lovely😍😍!

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  1. Oh, so beautiful, pensive and melancholy but so elegantly stated! I just adored these lines – “Let my tongue flirt like a butterfly among wildflowers”. Such a delightful and evocative phrase that paints the most perfect word painting! I’m thinking you might want to use that as a seed of inspiration for another wonderful piece??? Please??? Ha!

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  2. Holly! these first lines hit me:

    “The heart can fall like a suicide

    spiral down like the shade of

    midnight deserts”

    I know this feeling so well. Sometimes, I feel suicidal but, I think about my family and my wife. Since the passing of my grandpa and mother-in-law, I have not been myself and I try to be positive which works for a while and then the feeling comes back. I work out here and there and writing is an escape. So it helps and I feel happy again.

    Deeply a powerful poem by you and one of your best.

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  3. It’s frozen.
    Pain in her midnight belly
    Not healed in thaw. What
    Is this butterfly? You know
    I’m ready to polish my scars.
    Did I get here from a dream?

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      1. Ah, I see. Got to see a different aspect of yours. Lol! But glad about the drama queen part brought me a chuckle. WP is infected with this DQ virus. Ha Ha Ha.

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