When I was just a shy girl

and you a blonde haired boy

we raced through wheat fields chasing.

Suddenly serious your adventurous

eyes  made me  shiver and your hands

stroked my body for no apparent reason.

I longed for your touch anytime and

kissed you open mouthed without permission.

I adored your mock anger when I hid away

and made you find me and the way you quickly

looked away when caught staring.

Autumn threw its shadow on sprouting

wheat  where we lay naked smooth and wet.

Now I always knock before I enter your

reading room and you softly close your book

and pull me to you fierce, tender,

and unafraid.


 Art by Rob Heffernan



99 thoughts on “Autumn fruit

  1. Wonderful, Holly! You invite sweet memories into mind.
    So…. I went home after the wheat field deal with my boyfriend, and my mom just nastily glared at me. I went to my room and looked in the mirror. Spiking out of the waistband in the back of my jeans was a tiny bouquet of wheat!!!
    I know, it doesn’t end as romantically as your poem., but it ends.

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  2. I love poetry of first love and constant love. This one sounds like it is forever love! 💗
    The image of rushing into each other in the beginning and in the end, the gentle, quiet knock is such a sweet and romantic ending. 🌈 💕

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      1. You’re welcome, Holly! I would have gone through a few more but I wasn’t sure the comments were going to show up. Don’t worry, maybe it is a gap in time that confused the system. I commented on Dan Antion on one of his rants and article about how WP can really drive you crazy! I wasn’t recognized from my cellphone. It is weird because all the companies I call ask if I am Robin Cochran and I say, “Yes!” They recognize me more than WP.
        🌟Thank you for finding me in Spam!

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  3. Maybe my first comment was sent off to the Netherlands, Holly.
    Anyway, this started with all that youthful passion, racing into each other’s arms, as the Autumn of the couple’s life comes it makes sense to have a quiet approach, with gentle love. Still romantic sparks ignite and bring two older and wiser people together. It was like teen aged love, then mature and deeper love. Thanks for this lovely poem, Holly.

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