If just once more I could return to your provenance  I would bring you this offering. The Words you loved,  that you spoke a thousand times  or wrote just once.  I would place them near, leave these tender verses beside you.


Wild wood

A trampled path winds

its way through the

reaching arms of evergreen

to a misty wild wood where my

heart lies down with yours.

White tail deer nibble goldenrod

And lift the veil of solitude.

Spring showers and wild flowers

flourish where

April lives forever.

image © Joan Egert

72 thoughts on “Offerings

  1. I felt it would be like a folk tale, giving offerings to the loved one who lost his or her life in a valiant effort. “Wildwood” could be the town or the name of a country ranch. 💮🌳🌸

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        1. Dear Chuck a very precious friend of mine passed away in 2014 at the young age of 49. We shared many things and a great love of writing , we began blogging together. He gave me his permission to administer his blog and I accepted not knowing that his death was anywhere in the near future. I still maintain it here at WP. He had his own poetry forum which I closed. Thank you for you kind interest. You are a wonderful friend. xo

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          1. Thank you Dear Holly! I really appreciate you sharing this with me. This Little Ol’ Poet needs to start thinking of some of these matters. Good that you had administration privileges! You are such a Great Friend!!! Your tender heart shows to us all!

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      1. Really my pleasure I am just so glad you were recommended. You truly have a unique voice and a beautifully expressive one. Cheers P

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