In that hour before dawn when the stars still hold on to the velveteen sky,  stealthy specters rose, pulled on  layers of clothes and quietly slipped into the low lying fog.  Silently  father let the car roll  down the driveway  signalling me with a fingertip to his lips to not make  a sound for fear we would wake the sleeping who might want to intrude on an adventure for two.   The purring cat of an engine hummed   down the deserted highway to a slab of pavement leading to the bay.  From there the air was filled with the scent of  Gumbo Limbo and salty mangrove drifting through our  windows.   Parking between two  boulders we walked to the craggy shore. The sky flamingo pink,  the waves  so far away,   the tidal land came alive with trifles of tiny seas where a  bug eyed Hermit Crab hurriedly dug his hiding hole.  Provocative anemones waved fuchsia fingers at lilac colored algae where a Starfish tiny as a tear waited patiently for a finger to regrow.   Sea gulls waking with the sun signaled us to move along.  In the full light of day we sat silently on the sea wall, the sound of crashing waves pounding in our ears.
sea anemones
Photo by Brocken Inaglory

111 thoughts on “Tide Pool

  1. What description, a pleasure to the reading eye. From the weather, surroundings, starfish all the way to the mood and setting. You take readers with your imagination and put them there to smell the environment. A thing of beauty just like it’s author.🌹🌹

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      1. I sure do see the starfish. They are gorgeous.
        MoF, I’m painting a star on the Art Gown right now. I’m trying to draw all the images on the gown as lightly as possible with a pencil, then use the paint to say it. I’ve learned that is what I need to do to paint white on white paper. very, very light outline, only, then paint in the shadows. All shadows are not grey. It’s fascinating. I see pinks, yellows and blues …depending.
        I see all of the starfish are different colors. Beautiful!!! ❤ ❤

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  2. I tremendously enjoyed taking part in this secret beach walk, Holly. Due to your beautiful, poetic and vivid way to describe the atmosphere, the surroundings, light, colours, smell, noises, movements and more, I often experience the feeling that I would witness the incident (adventure, love story of what ever you have created at that time). I simply love it to read your poetry!
    Liebe Grüße! – Michèle

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  3. Thank you I am not surprised you have problems with Paul Andruss. I am a bit rubbish at setting up the blog. ( I am not a total idiot but wordpress drives me nuts.. ask any of my friends! I will get on to it and see what I can do).
    If you want to look at something take a look at
    It’s my books website – not wordpress: yola.
    But listen don’t feel obliged. This is not the reason I like your work. It is not about promoting me. It is genuine appreciation of what you do. Your words speak to me and I appreciate them.
    And I would suggest once you have seen this comment delete it because this was not meant as a public comment to promote myself . Simply two people speaking to each other. All my best and warmest regards and looking forward to exploring your work further. Yes there is a lot of talent out there…. but there are few exceptional voices. Cheers Px.


    1. Hi Wayfarer , i think that would be great. I appreciate your thoughts on this. This is autobiographal in that it is an experience shared by my father and I. Living on the beach we spent time on the shore when I was growing up, that’s why it is written in the past tense. I do think it could easily convert to the present and be easily relatable. 😊


  4. Holly, this was simply delightful and so beautifully expressed. I felt that tiny starfish as small as a tear (drop) sounds so precious. Your noticing it was very childlike in how they see the minutae.
    This brought back a few times between my Dad and I alone. Our rare times were spent in a small rowboat on Lake Erie in the middle of the night. Just having your father to yourself meant the world to you, I’m sure. His pointing to the stars and planets connects to me, when I go outdoors on a clear, starry night. ✨

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    1. Robin I’m so glad you liked this and that it resonated with you as well, it is taken from real life, me and my father often slipped away where he would show me the wonders of the sea. ❤


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