Your eyes are Himalayan  blue,

they mutate from sparkling stars to the silver

of a cold planet.

With indifference you defeat me

until I am nothing more than an empty

vessel sailed  away to write love letters

on the wings  of  distant angels.

When your  nights are long

you may find me in the brush of a

homeless Chartreux winding about your

feet or in the sunflower eyes  of a girl

passing by.


Vincent Van Gogh



92 thoughts on “Chartreux

  1. “With indifference you defeat me

    until I am nothing but an empty vessel

    sailed away to write love letters

    on the wings of angels.”

    …but such beautiful love letters. X

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  2. Write love letters on the wings of angels……yours words are a reflection of its speaker….pure beauty and cats are never homeless, they are royalty in my heart😍❤️. Find me🃏. This was pure beauty at its finest lovely, you are poetry. 🐈

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  3. I want to comment to let you know your work is appreciated… but to be frank anything I can say is simply redundant!

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      1. Ok then talk about redundancy…
        Himalayan blue absolute perfect image – conveying icy purity echoing emotional coldness. This is the blue usually only found in the skies of Maxfield Parrish paintings.
        Further having read your quotes of the day I found insights into the depths and breadth of your knowledge and influences, and the quality of thought that you strive to emulate… but you do not emulate, you have taken a myriad of influences and transmuted them into your own unique powerful and lyrical voice.
        So many people think they are talented, even more claim to be talented… you simply write and the ease and grace with which you conjure the layers of emotional laden imagery in every single line is testament to your talent.
        If I am sounding like a groupie then sorry but I make no apologies for being one. You are magnificent and I am one critical old grump, believe me! And I am not being nice or dressing this up… that does you no service and me no good. This is what I think about the way you write… and sorry if it has embarrassed you! Paul

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        1. I like being critiqued and your words are beyond encouraging. Thank you for taking your time to inspire me! I am humbled by your words Paul. Thank
          You once again.


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