I can’t wait to get this book.  It’s getting great reviews!  Congratulations Resa.

Rethinking Life

Resa, from GRAFFITI LUX AND MURALS, wrote this fabulous who-done-it.  I read it in one sitting!  It’s such a cool book. Wonderful characters.  It’s about the movie business and I strongly recommend that you pick it up on Amazon for under $3. The ending is spot on and you won’t see it coming. It’s so good that I can’t wait for Book 2 (hopefully there will be one).  *****  5 stars and YAY!

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30 thoughts on “Book…from Resa, at GRAFFITI LUX AND MURALS

  1. Humble hello.
    Thank you, Holly! I have begun to write 8 Black Lives.
    GiGi read my first passionate go at the book. There is a free download on my Queen’s end blog. It’s a more edited version, with a slightly different aftermath. I do not know which one is better.
    If GiGi like the first one, then I wonder why I did the second one!
    You know…. I think I hid it from me.
    TY TY TY ❤ ❤

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          1. Lolololo Holly!
            I can send you a PDF with a privacy statement.
            I’ll say this, I think a lot more people would like 9 Black Lives….. in general.
            “Queen’s end” is quirky, and not like a normal romance format/genre thing.
            No S&M heavy stuff…. just like quirky… new wave …. and humor … and Chiklit.
            Like I said, not a normal genre.
            Only 4 people have read it.

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          2. Sent!!! I sent it to your WP email at GMail
            It will be from Resa Swork. It was supposed to be Resa’s Work, but GMail has deemed Resa Swork to be my name! lol….

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