Let me be the  summer sun
who shines for you without expectation.
A  rhythmic  breeze that shapes soft
passages where you travel uncertainty.
Let a  herald of archangels fill your
your heart with unworldly treasure.
I will be  your blood moon,
the swell and pull of tides  that
draw you near.
Ascend with me on a windscape
strung of stars  far from
the world below.


98 thoughts on “Windscape

  1. Holly, nicely done. I like the metaphor of this line using the moon’s effect on rides.

    “I will be your blood moon,

    the swell and pull of tides that

    draw you near.”

    I may have shared the documentary movie “I am,” speaks of an electromagnetic current our heart produces that can be felt fifteen or so feet away. So, when someone makes your heart flutter, that sensation just might be the tide pulling him or her close.

    I thought that was cool. Keith

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  2. Wow!!! I must have read the beginning of this poem a dozen times alone before venturing on to the rest of this beautiful journey. “Let me be the summer sun that shines for you with no expectation” that was gorgeous as only you could put it lovely. Your heart is simply amazing as every word should have a music note attached to it. Poetry is glorious coming out of the House of Hearts!❤️


    1. A vendetta.? This is absurd. What are they basing this ridiculous claim on? I have been blogging for eight years with WP and so far I have had no vendetta against anyone or any accusations such as this directed toward me. Stop the drama.


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